About Linda Aronson

Linda is a multi-award-winning writer who’s spent more than thirty years as a writer for companies in Australia, UK, New Zealand and USA, with credits for TV drama series, serials, mini-series, children’s TV, drama documentary, feature film, stage plays, four novels (published in nine countries), short stories, radio drama, journalism and four books on writing craft.


Linda has given classes in UK, USA, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, NewZealand, Slovenia and Singapore for organisations including BBC TV, SwedishFilm Institute, NYU, Columbia, Berkeley, NFTS, London Screenwriters’ Festival and many more.


Her screenwriting books The 21st Century Screenplay and Screenwriting Updated are required reading in many film schools around the world including NYU and Berkeley. Polish and Czech translations of The 21st Century Screenplay will be released in 2014.