Breaking Into TV, One Day Intensive Workshop

Eight screenwriters, one table, Linda Aronson and unlimited coffee.

Welcome to our first LSFIntensive with Linda Aronson and her writers’ table practical plotting Workshop.


NEW DATE When: October 20th // Where: Ealing Studios, London, W5 5EP // How Much: £159 // Max Eight Places


Spend the day with Linda and seven other screenwriters as you experience and learn how to write for TV under pressure and deadlines.


PLEASE NOTE: We have a no refund policy for this event as there are so few people at the table.


As effortless as brilliant writers make it look, TV writing is extremely difficult. All TV writing, particularly entry level TV series (where most people get their break) involves a minefield of  budget-related story-telling restrictions that writers can’t possibly know about, even if they are experienced in film. Limitations include extreme deadlines, multiple interwoven storylines, restrictions in sets, locations, actor availability – and many more.


To get and keep a TV gig you have to know the tricks of the trade, particularly creativity at speed.


In this immersive Writers’ Table Plotting Workshop, nonlinear screenwriting guru and award-winning TV writer Linda Aronson offers a limited group of eight writers the opportunity to learn theory and core practical TV writing skills.


Join her and seven other writers for this unique, simulated Writers’ Room experience that recreates the pressure and artistic demands of the real thing, but in a safe and supportive way.


Acting simultaneously as Head Writer and writing coach, Linda will guide the writers, individually and as writing 'team' as they navigate the restrictions and take on the challenge of plotting the early rough outline for a new TV pilot and series. This will feel very real and immensely exciting. During this, you will learn how to work out the series template, the beats and the arcs.


Linda will continually reveal the traps and pitfalls of the form, and reveal insider tricks to anticipate and avoid the traps.


The core skills you will learn in the workshop are the same skills that will help you whether you're working on an at entry level TV series, or right through to a top-flight nonlinear, multiplot, longform serial you might create down the track. 


At the end of the day there is a summing up and consolidation of the experience. During this, each writer will complete, with Linda’s help and based on her TV Upskill Pack template, their own personalized TV Upskill Pack aimed at targeting their own writing challenges. 


The Upskill pack is a plan with exercises, for ongoing self-training at home.


NOTE: Everyone present undertakes this exercise on the basis that they will not use the material or ideas devised in the workshop for profit or self- promotion. Not only would this be unfair to the other participants but it is extremely likely that spin-off rights from the film upon which the series is based remain the property of the film’s producers or other stake holders.


‘The knowledge, experience and advice that Linda has is brilliant, I could spend days listening to her! She made the room very relaxed in sharing ideas, which was a great confidence boost. If you ever have the chance to do a writing workshop with Linda, you must take it!’

Amy Livingstone, Writer


‘I liked that the small group was very interactive and supportive, and that we all got to pitch ideas.’
Shelagh McLeod, Filmmaker/Writer/Actor

‘Linda is very entertaining, and I liked her explanations, plotting and how she de-mystified the writers’ room’
Pamela Edwardes, Writer


  • Practical (Creativity under Pressure - Ideas/Plot generation Exercises).
  • Understanding the Ground Rules and Limits of TV Writing (Theory).
  • Preparing for your big break (theory and various practical exercises).
  • Writers’ Table - Practical Plotting – Devising a pilot to order (as far as we can go in the time provided) under Writers’ Table conditions.
  • Consolidation and Personalizing Individual TV Upskill Take Home Pack.

9.00am Registration

Let's meet Linda and all eight writers. And drink coffee.


9.30am Getting Started: Creativity Under Pressure

Creativity under pressure practical exercises.

  • Vertical and Lateral Imagination.
  • Thinking sideways.
  • Writers’ tricks for manipulating your creativity to order.
  • Understanding and Breaking through panic. 

Practical Exercises Include: Techniques for generating powerful ideas in minutes as well as creating plot twists under time pressure. 

10.15 Understanding the Ground Rules of TV

Understanding and mastering the many restrictions and difficulties in TV storytelling in series, serials and sitcoms. In the real world of production these include deadlines, creating multiple interwoven storylines, limited sets, stories having to take place in generic sets, limited locations, limited scenes, no night shoots, limited actor availability etc.


11.30am Preparing for Your Big Break

Understanding beats. Reducing beats. Beats per 50 minutes / 25 minutes. Beats per storyline. Finding the beats in your story. Finding the action line spine. Pegging to the spine. Doing your homework on the series ready for the real life plotting room.


13:00 Lunch

14.00  The Writers Table

Plotting the Pilot Episode for a Brand New Series A New Story to order and under Pressure. Writers will work as a writers team to plot the main storyline for the pilot of a vividly original TV series. Working under the pressure of time, this will simulate the writers room experience. In order to meet the network needs, there will be strict specifications and limitations on the number of story beats, sets, story content, style, location and length.


17:30 Conclusion and reviews

We consider the outcome of the day and viability for the network, as well as sharing insight and breakthroughs. The group will be bonded now and they will be encouraged to continue to support each other as a writers group beyond this day. Linda will also offer her unique TV Upskill Take Home Pack to continue the learning from home.